Blaine, Maurice


  • United States


My earliest memories are of my father grooving in band sessions.

Being in recording studios before I could look over the console molded my affinity for music, sound, and music production. As a teen, I was an aspiring singer/ songwriter with dreams in the music business but I stopped dreaming for a “real job,” like everyone stressed at the time. This is how I began my career in IT around 1996 building custom computers, repairing PCs, and eventually advancing to networking and system administration.

Fast forward to present, my true passion has always been recording and music – though I am talented in many of the arts – I love music and recording. My experience with computer technology and digital media finally got the best of me and I invested in a decent DAW home project studio and enrolled in online courses to further my understanding of recording, mixing, and mastering sound. I believe knowledge is key and that education is only part of the learning experience and that information must flow freely to strengthen and embolden the pros, so they in turn can direct and mentor the next generation.

I am a sponge, fill me. Once I am full, I will ring myself for those that follow.

– moe b.